Team Building


Try-outs will be a closed try-out, open only to players and coaches.  Each player will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Fundamentals: (player’s ability to shoot, dribble, pass, with and without pressure)

  • Basketball Knowledge: (understanding terminology, game awareness, and Applying team concepts)

  • Team Play: (using team concepts in game situations)

  • Attitude: (Hustle, ability to play with others and take directions from coaches)


Coaches will select 10-12 players per basketball team. The cost will be

$200 for players who have been with us for 4 or more years.

$290 for new players

$250 for all others

There will be No multiple player discount

There will be No refunds

There will be No transferring of fees/payments

A minimum of half of your fees will be due at the FIRST practice after selections are made


Cost to try-out will be $5.00.

Try-outs will be
21 FEB 09, 28 FEB 09, AND 7 MARCH 09 at  the BERGAMO CENTER
Try-outs for 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, and girls will be

Try-outs for 9th grade, 10th grade, and 11th grade will be from


  1. There will be no jewelry worn during practice or games.

  2. Players will not belittle other teammates or be disruptive in practice or games.

  3. When the coach speaks, all players will stop and listen.

  4. Players must notify coaches when they are going to miss practice or a game.

  5. Additional rules will be given after teams have been determined.



Each player will be required to learn plays, run, do push-ups, sit-ups, and participate in a variety of drills.  Each player will be given an opportunity to play.  This opportunity will be earned based on player’s ability to understand and execute the following:

  1. Basketball Skill

    1. Dribble (dribbling without turnovers against defensive pressure)

    2. Passing (identifying open teammates and making GOOD passes)

    3. Shooting (consistency on jump shots, lay-ups, free throws)

    4. Defense (playing good man-to-man, zone and other team defenses)

  2. Basketball Knowledge/Fundamentals

    1. Basketball terminology (i.e. post, box out, pick, top of the key, etc)

    2. Game Awareness (knowing where to be on offense and defense)

    3. Applying team concepts (running offensive and defensive plays)

  3. Basketball Intangibles

    1. HUSTLE (games have been won with teams with lesser talent but with more hustle)

    2. ATTITUDE (being prepared to play at all times and interacting with their teammates

    3. Taking Care of your Body (proper eating habits and wearing the proper clothing for the season.

                                    **   PLAYING TIME **

Our teams will be playing at a very competitive level.  With this in mind, please understand that all players will not be given equal amounts of playing time based on just being a member of the team.  Each player must earn playing time by working hard and putting forth the extra effort during practice times and games.

                                   **    PARENT INFO   **

As a reminder, unfortunately we as coaches will make mistakes during the course of a season.  Additionally, we may have a totally different point of view from the parents.  If you have a concern with a coach, please talk to them first, but please, NOT DURING THE GAME OR DURING THE PRACTICE SESSION.  We will gladly make time to meet with a parent to discuss their concerns. 

We are looking forward to working with the young athletes during the season and we will strive to represent our organization with the utmost integrity.  We will work hard to be the best we can be.


Team Building
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